Leadership & Community

Student Leadership

Our student leadership encompasses processes and structures for student representation and incorporates students’ participation in decision-making and the life of the school. Students develop skills in areas such as problem solving, listening, communication, collaboration, using their initiative, leading and motivating others, task management, decision making, technology and running meetings.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy

Student Wellbeing


We believe that a child’s wellbeing is fundamental to holistic learning, life and Faith. Children who are happy, confident and who can form positive relationships with others are empowered to achieve positive learning outcomes. A positive sense of wellbeing supports a base for rich learning that enables young people to flourish.

At St Catherine’s it is expected that all members of the community show Respect, Responsibility and act Safely. These values form the basis of our ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour Support’ program. ‘School Wide Positive Behaviour Support’ is an evidence-based framework for promoting positive behaviour and providing support in order to prevent misbehaviour.

Through our Wellbeing programs and strategies, we endeavour to encourage our children to develop healthy relationships and skills as they prepare to take their place in an ever-changing society, as self-respecting and responsible citizens by:


  • Implementing Social Emotional Learning programs and strategies
  • Building a culture of healthy relationships
  • Providing personalised learning programs
  • Having established a whole school approach to behaviour management
  • Building partnerships between home and school
  • Developing Individual Behaviour Plans as required
  • Supporting Lunch time clubs to support student interest
  • Fostering partnerships with community support groups
  • Providing an onsite qualified Student Psychologist 
  • Facilitating the Seasons program – The Seasons for Growth program is designed for children to assist them in managing and understanding the effects of significant change, loss and grief in their lives
  • Offering a School Chaplaincy service
  • Promoting Values Education

Parent Leaders

St. Catherine’s School Advisory Board

The St. Catherine’s Primary School Board is dedicated to acting as the parents’ voice in the development of the school. The Board provides a forum for discussion and policy making on matters concerning the operations of the school and the education and welfare of students in an advisory capacity to the Parish Priest and Principal. The school board has as its central purpose the realisation of the vision of the school and in building school community.

Parents & Friends Association

St. Catherine’s Parents & Friends Association is continuing to grow. The Association is led by central committee members and supported by our hardworking parent community.

The Association offers an opportunity for parents to gather and become involved in the life of the school and provides support for the school in areas such as – social functions for the school community, fundraising, special food days and various celebrations.

Staff & Parent Representatives

Exec Team

Tracey Brincat
Deputy Principal
Learning Diversity Leader
Learning & Teaching Math Leader
Family Engagement in Learning Leader
Shane Calthorpe
Executive Assistant to Principal
School Bursar / Payroll (Mon – Wed)
Caroline Cianciosi
Literacy Leader
Learning & Teaching Inquiry Leader
Kristie Gibson
Religious Education Leader
Student / Wellbeing Leader
Nigel Maloney

Class Teachers

Prep Red
Lisa Tsobanopoulos
Prep Green
Zoe Chapman
Year 1 Red
Olivia Torcasio
Year 1 Green
Jasmin Ferro
Year 2 Red
Louise Rowe
Year 2 Green
Melissa Cali
Year 3 Red
Olivia Esposito
Year 3 Green
Orla Loughran
Year 4 Red
Meaghan Hillis
Year 4 Green
Caitlin Brasier
Year 5 Red
Rachel Butler
Year 5 Green
Penny Vouziotis
Year 6 Red
Radhini De Silva
Year 6 Green
Fotini Lagkadiotis

Intervention / Extension VIT

Jacob Marchett
Emily Calogero

Speech For Schools

Melanie Raffa

Specialist VIT Teachers

Michelle Lepore
LOTE / Language Specialist
Lina Lauricella - Coordinator
Janan Atto
Kamal Kaur
Michelle Lepore (Junior Italian Classes)
Anica Saveska
Diane Angeles
Michelle Lepore
Vera Mitchell
Physical Education
Jacob Marchett
Visual Arts
Vera Mitchell

Educational Support Officers

Janan Atto
Lauren Critelli
Sandra DeVuono
Mikayla Groppo
Lena Palazzolo
Niki Potenza
Daniela Rossello
Chloe Rowan
Anica Saveska
Maria Tornatora

Library Assistant

Daniela Rossello

Office & Enrolment Staff

Tamara Guliffa

Child Safety Officers

Tracey Brincat
Shane Calthorpe


Joseph Basile

Student Services

Student Counsellor
Giovanna Barulli

Occupational Health and Safety Team

Tracey Brincat
Shane Calthorpe
Caroline Cianciosi
Joseph Basile

Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)

Tracey Brincat
Joseph Basile

Positive Behaviour for Learning Team

Tracey Brincat
Nigel Maloney
Penny Vouziotis
Lisa Tsobanopoulos
Chloe Rowan
Jacob Marchett
Meaghan Hillis
Trevor Herny (MACS)

School Advisory Council

Tracey Brincat (Principal)
Father john Magri (Parish Priest)
Shane Calthorpe (School Representative)
Silvanus Ruron (Parent & Parish Representative)
Swas Hocking (Parent Representative)
Olivia Lanteri (Parent Representative)
Alicia Sokol (Parent Representative)
Goran Stojcevski (Parent Representative - P&F)

Parents & Friends Association

Tracey Brincat
Shane Calthorpe
Shakiera Angelucci - President
Lisa Sirp - Vice President
Suzanna Angelucci - Treasurer
Prescilla Schwalger - Secretary
Charlotte Bradshaw - General Member
Pritty Kaur - General Member
Rajni Mahendroo - General Member
Sophie Philippou - General Member
Goran Stojcevski – SAC Representative